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Modernising a Data Transformation Tool


Our customer had an old data transformation tool that was developed many years ago as a command-line application. The tool was used to process large amounts of financial data, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and scale. In addition, the tool required on-premises infrastructure, which was becoming costly and inefficient.


The old command-line application was difficult to maintain and update. The tool required on-premises infrastructure, which was becoming costly and inefficient. The customer needed a more modern and scalable solution that could handle large amounts of financial data.


We proposed to refactor the code so that the data transformation tool could run as an Azure Function. This would allow the application to be hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure. The unique serverless architecture of Azure Functions also unlocked virtually unlimited horizontal scalability to handle the increased load. We also proposed to make the application available online, so that it could be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Modernizing a Data Transformation Tool

The refactoring process involved breaking down the monolithic codebase into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then reassembling them into a new, cloud-native architecture. We also implemented new features and functionality, such as data validation and error handling, to improve the overall performance and reliability of the application.


The refactored data transformation tool is now available online and does not require any on-premises infrastructure. The tool can now handle large amounts of financial data and can be easily scaled to meet the customer's needs. The customer can now run the application in Azure as a consumption-based Azure Function, which significantly reduces the cost of running the tool.


By refactoring the customer's old data transformation tool to run as an Azure Function, we were able to modernise the application and eliminate the need for on-premises infrastructure. This resulted in a more scalable and cost-effective solution that is better suited to meet the customer's needs. Additionally, the cloud-native architecture allows the application to be easily updated and maintained, and the customer can run the application without any additional costs.

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