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Design for the Digital Age

When choosing our team of experienced Software Engineers and Cloud Experts as your bespoke software development partner, you choose the reliability of years of experience in translating visions into solutions, a customer-centric approach that will put your ideas at the centre of planning, an unmatched technically gifted team of experts, and the knowledge that you’ll be 100% satisfied with, upon delivery.

There are countless reasons you might require bespoke software specifically built for your business: sometimes the look, feel, features or functionalities of the existing software aren’t the right fit for your ideas and sometimes there is just no prebuilt solution to satisfy your business needs. That's where we come in.

Our Software Architects, Software Engineers and Cloud Experts design and build tailor-made software solutions to fit your requirements and integrate perfectly with your existing workflow and to automate your complex processes with ease. From bespoke cloud application development to systems integration or from railway to accounting, our team of experts will develop the best possible solution for any field.

What we offer

  • Cloud native application development
  • Legacy application rearchitecting
  • Data processing and reporting
  • Support for all major platforms
  • Exploring cloud services you can benefit from
  • Exploring business requirements of your application
  • Delivering high-performance software
  • Thoroughly testing before delivering
  • Competitive rates for design and development
  • and a lot more...

Software solutions that help you achieve your business goals

We have been working on numerous software development projects in diverse fields since the day of our establishment and we take pride in constantly earning the trust of our clients in the UK and across Europe. We have implemented and we have been delivering projects according to our customer-centric software design and development process as our goal is to deliver the software exactly as it is expected, specified and visualised by our clients.
Our methodology

Take the first steps to the could or optimize your existing cloud architecture

cloud consulting services

We make your could application and architecture better

Proper application design and architecture is the foundation of your success. Whether your application is already in the cloud or you are planning a cloud migration project, we can help you with properly planning your application's desired architecture to unlock all the advantages cloud can offer.

We have in-depth knowledge of Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform's services and toolset and we have experience with a wide range of applications. Whatever your system is intended to achieve, we can find the best way of doing that and design the most suitable architecture to support it, whilst ensuring reliability, cyber security, and scalability of the solution.

Cloud offers solutions for the most common business needs and scenarios. Your existing application or the one your about to develop is of course bespoke to your needs, but it definitely has components for which cloud can offer less expensive and better scalable solutions. A typical example of this could be the email service used by the application or the data warehouse behind it, but there are many more. We explore and identify which are the cloud services that you can utilize, and we plan your architecture so you can benefit from these services.

Our Software Development and Cloud Consulting process

We understand that your application is special and it is designed to fulfil your specific business needs. There are no two identical businesses and there are no two identical applications out there. Therefore we always adopt our consultancy process to your needs.

That said, common elements of a cloud consulting strategy include

  • deeply understanding your business needs and the features of your existing applications,
  • discovering points of improvements by analyzing your existing codebase and architecture,
  • identifying how cloud can help improving your application and architecture design, and
  • how you could save time and money by utilizing these cloud services.

Common reasons why a business needs software development and cloud consulting include

  • discovery of alternative solutions when planning a new software development project,
  • understanding the possibilities of migrating existing bespoke or off-the-shelf applications to the cloud, or
  • analysis of integration options of existing applications with cloud services such as Active Directory or E-mail services
  • and a lot more.
Learn more about our software development and consultancy methodology. Our methodology

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The technologies we use to ensure that our customers receive the service that meets the highest expectations.

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
Providing Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration services
Providing Office365, Microsoft365 integration services
We help you understand your data with PowerBI
We develop websites with ASP.NET technology
We develop mobile applications on Xamarin